Zenfolio | Eddie & Michelle | Death Valley-Racetrack Playa

It was a rought 2-3hr drive out to Racetrack Playa along a dirt, heavily washboarded road. I was careful not to go over 15-20 mph, as there have been plenty of stories of tire punctures along the way and as the temperatures were above 100 F ( 40 C) and no one passing me or as far as I could see, probably wouldn't be the greatest place for me to start pushing the 4WD!!! After passing through a large area of cactuses I reached Teakettle Junction. About another 20 miles past that and I arrived at the Playa. It was great. The ground was a little soft to walk on, but some of the rocks were big and heavy. No one has actually witnessed the rocks move. It is thought that during the winter, when the playa can begin to freeze up, the combination of the flat playa, gale force winds and slick surface all come together to move the rocks along.

My favourites were the 3 rocks racing, the face in the playa and the checkmark.