Zenfolio | Eddie & Michelle | Grand Canyon Sunrise to Sunset

Once the sun set the temperature dropped considerably and we decided to head inside our tent. Our plan for tomorrow was to get up for sunrise and spend the day wandering around the canyon. Nothing, however, prepared us for the chain of events that happened overnight. With the sudden drop in temperature, the winds had picked up as well and began to howl through the trees. Our tent took a battering but stayed up. However our bodies didn't. I had on a t-shirt, pyjamas, sweater, big heavy down coat, a beanie with ear warmers and gloves – Michelle had about the same amount of layering plus a sleeping bag and blankets and we still could NOT stay warm. In fact we were nowhere near warm. We broke out the chemical hot pads (the kind that you snap and they release heat), they still did not warm us up. For the next 5 hours we had a very rough and tumble sleep as we were freezing and being awoken every 5 seconds as a strong gust of wind would come through and threaten to blow the tent away. Finally at around 4:30am we had enough and decided to begin our drive to watch the sunset. Being in the car was very nice as it had a heater. Along the way we saw a couple of coyotes.

We arrived at Lipan point for sunrise. After that we came back to camp to shower and pack the tent before heading back for a hike down the South Kaibab Trail. Along the way we passed many mules that were carrying people back up from the bottom of the canyon and several California Condors. A quick bite to eat at the Lodge and then we caught a bus over to the Abyss (where 3 thousand foot cliffs drop straight down) and hiked over to Powell Point to watch the sunset. As the sun lowered in the sky, various shadows were cast and the colours of the rock had changed from a faint orange to a sea of red.

We drove to and spent the night in Tuba City. Next day would be the drive to Page for the Antelope Slot Canyons.