Zenfolio | Eddie & Michelle | Lower Antelope Slot Canyon

The city of Page in Arizona is the closest city to the Antelope Slot Canyons (Upper & Lower). We visited Lower Antelope Canyon. This canyon is part of the Antelope Canyon-Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park. After paying the entrance fee we had an Navajo guide escort us to the entrance of the canyon ….. a slit in the ground. I had seen photos of the entrance, but didn't realize the opening was just a little crack in the ground. You maneuver your body into the tiny opening and gradually walk down further underground. Eventually you are greeted with an open cavern space of wind and rain swept rock. It really is amazing to see. When the light comes through the small openings up above you're greeted with the most amazing warm colours on the rock. Much of the walk through the slot canyon is very narrow and I often find myself about to fall over as I'd lose balance. Luckily all I had to do was fall sideways and the wall of the canyon would stop me from landing on the floor. The cavern goes for some distance. It can get claustrophobic and there are a lot of photographers down there. Michelle ended up coming up but I spent way too much time down there taking photos. It was very neat. Once you leave the canyon you kind of have to wonder, “How did someone find this or even know to look down a small crack in the ground??”.