Zenfolio | Eddie & Michelle | Monument Valley

Our plan for the day: Do the 2 hour drive to Monument Valley. Spend an hour there and then drive to Zion National Park to spend the night there. While driving, the winds picked up again. This time, however, the winds were much stronger than the ones I experienced at Canyon De Chelly. We arrived at Monument Valley thinking that this would be a quick tour type thing.

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is hard to describe in words, you just have to see it. Whether you have been here or not, there is a good chance that you have seen this place in photos or at the movies. Rock formations that are just stuck straight in the middle of the desert. It is so stark, except for these rocks that we soon realized that this wasn't going to be a quick trip. The scenery here is amazing. Of all the places that we visited while in Arizona this would have to be one of my favourites. We took the Valley Drive (a 17 mile rough, dirt road) and we stopped so many times along the way to take photos and videos. The winds had picked up to such a speed that it was sometimes an effort to open and close the car doors (which Michelle happily video taped). By the end of the drive, the inside of our car was covered in a red layer of sand. My lips had turned a dark shade of red from the sand sticking to my lip balm and each of us had a thick layer of sand inside our ears. It was a lot of fun though.

We ended up spending so much time here, that we decided to spend the night here and rented a hotel room in the park. Our room had a balcony with views overlooking the park, where we watched a beautiful sunset and woke up early for the sunrise. The park is still home to Navajo families and the next day we bought a piece of pottery with various motifs on it. Monument Valley was really an amazing place to visit and while we didn't get to see any of the national parks in Utah, we had a neat time along the way. For the rest of the day we drove a total of 8-9 hours to meet with Michelle's Uncle in St.George, Utah and onto Logan, Utah to meet with Heather (Michelle's sister) and Andrew.