Zenfolio | Eddie & Michelle | Southwest Road Trip

Beginning on April 2nd, Michelle & I will be doing a road trip through the Southwest United States. Here's the itinerary & map. Once we're back there will be LOTS of photos to show.

April 2nd - I'll drive 10hrs from Oklahoma City to Window Rock, Arizona and spend the night.

April 3rd - Visit Canyon de Chelly National Monument for some hiking. This canyon, among other things have had people living in them for the past 2000 years from pueblans to today with the navajo indians. After that i'll be driving west through the painted desert to one of the oldest continuing trading posts in the navajo nation - the Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site. I'm going to try to finish the evening sleeping at the Wigwam hotel (tepees) on historic Route 66 in Holbrook, Arizona.

Apr 4th - I'll be starting early in the morning and driving to the Petrified Forest & Painted Desert National Park for some hiking and photographing. In the afternoon I'll be stopping in Winslow, Arizona to view the meteor crater. About 50000 years ago, a meteor slammed into earth with the equivalent power of 20 million tons of TNT. Today, a hole 550 feet deep and 2.5miles in diameter remains and is one of the best preserved meteor craters in the world. Finally after all that I'll be meeting michelle at the Phoenix airport in the evening and we'll be driving to Flagstaff, Arizona to spend the night.

Apr 5th - The Grand Canyon South Rim. There will be lots of hiking and photos being taken. After that we'll be setting up our tent in the canyon and I'll attempt to start a camp fire so we can cook something for the night (I have failed miserably at every attempt to create a fire while camping. On the one ocassion I actually got a little one going to cook something it was so late and dark that we were forced to hide in our tents immediately after cooking has a very LARGE group of racoons smelt our food and decided to surround us).

Apr 6th- More of the Grand Canyon before starting our drive towards Page, Arizona and potentially hiking into a slot canyon.

Apr 7th - Arrive at Zion National Park in Utah for some hiking.

Apr 8th - Arrive at Bryce Canyon National park for some hiking & photos.

Apr 9th - Begin driving north through Utah towards Salt Lake City and arriving at Logan, Utah a couple of hours from there where we'll be visiting Heather & Andrew.

Apr 10th, 11th - Logan, Utah

Apr 12th - Half day in Logan before saying goodbye to Heather & Andrew and driving east through Colorado and spending the night in Denver.

Apr 13th - Continue SE through the states of Colorado and Kansas before arriving back in Oklahoma City late at night.

Apr 14th - Sleep in :)