Zenfolio | Eddie & Michelle | Peleng 8mm FishEye
Well, I recently received a new Peleng 8mm Fish Eye to add to the lens collection!!! This is the first time I have used a fisheye and figured I would add a little collection of how I ended up using this lens with my Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D Camera. This is a fully manual lens so it requires the use of an adapter to fit it to the camera mount.
After much researching I decided to take the plunge and purchase this lens and..... it works!!! So here is some info about my experiences getting set up, taking photos with it and then correcting the photos to remove (when needed) the fisheye perspective of the lens.

Photos using this lens are also here. In this gallery are the files straight out of the camera using the lens. I shot the originals in RAW and converted in Lightroom to JPEG at 100% quality. In the gallery entitled 'Fisheye Converted' (click for link) are the converted files where I have 'defished' them using the Fisheye HemiConverter by ImageTrends.
Opening the boxMountAnother view of mount"Mount thing"