Zenfolio | Eddie & Michelle | Taxco
Taxco was founded by the Spanish in 1529. Silver was discover soon after and mining began in earnest, producing much of the countries supply. The silver was mined so much that soon it became a 'silver ghost town'. In 1929, William Spratling, an American opened a workshop here and since then it has become one of the silver capitals of the world with many skilled silversmiths from across Mexico coming here.
On our bus trip from the city we went through some lush countryside. We were able to view Mt. Popocatepetl, commonly referred to as Mt. Popo, with smoke erupting from this active volcano.
Taxco is beautiful. Cobblestoned streets are everywhere. White buildings with orange tiled roofs and some streets were so steep that we can imagine that during rain you could quite easily slide down the streets instead of walking. We bought some silver pieces from the hundreds of silver stores around town and also found some colorful mugs and plates from the Indian Market. We wandered around, sat in the plaza and just relaxed (I also took a load of photos). We had a nice time.