Zenfolio | Eddie & Michelle | Sand Dunes-Sunrise

Getting up at 4am, was a little tough after the flight the night before and a bit of a rough sleep, but it was definitely worth it. I didn't really plan correctly on it being as dark when I first started trekking out, and used my cell phone screen as a little bit of a light. Despite looking forward to seeing a rattlesnake during the day, I was a little concerned that I would stumble upon one, but off I went. I walked for about 25 minutes from the side of the road before finding a good vista where I set up my tripod and camera. There were quite a few other people wandering around and I did see a fox not too far from where I was.

When the sun rose, the sand was a light blue colour before beginning to change to a magnificent orange/yellow colour which was great. As the sun rose higher in the sky, the sand started to get back towards its normal colour of white. It was a great morning and worth rising up early for.