It’s an awe inspiring sight to walk into the Colosseum and to imagine what happened there. While some of the structures, such as seats are no longer there, it is easy to imagine how it looked as much of the stonework and base structures to hold the seats are still there. It’s also amazing to see the underground tunnels, where many of the animals and performers waited until they were hoisted onto the stage. While hard to imagine, pulleys and elevators raised and lowered props onto the stage and lifted caged animals from the tunnels into the arena. It also contained a canal system that allowed the arena to be flooded rapidly when the current entertainment warranted it, and through writings it has been described that spectators would watch animals swim and fake sea battles occurring. Events occasionallyoccurred on a large basis. It is documented that upon the Roman victory in the region that is now Romania, that contests involving 11,000 animals and 10,000 gladiators occurred over a period of 3 months.