The following are the rest of the photos that don’t really fit into one category. They include walking around the suburb of Coyoacan, Chapultapec Park, Zona Rosa and the loads of different markets strewn across the city.
There were of course, lots of photos that we didn’t take: tasting tequila at Salon Tenampa in the Plaza Garibaldi while a mariachi band played ‘Cielito Lindo’ for us ; finding a small café that served freshly made Passionfruit drinks, sipping coffee in Café Habana where Fidel Castro planned the Cuban revolution, dodging the traffic along Paseo De La Reforma, having a limited Spanish conversation with a taxi driver while on my way to the airport that started of with, Driver: “Where are you from?”, Me: “Chicago”, Driver: “Oooohhhh, Al Capone!!!!”.
We both had a lot of fun in Mexico City and if you plan on visiting don’t get put of by rumors of being kidnapped or murdered. We didn’t feel the least bit threatened while there and actually found that most people were just as friendly and, sometimes, more helpful than here in the USA.